A Vault Ice Cube placed in a glass with a drink poured onto it.
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Form Meets Function

Sell More Cocktails

A cocktail is only as good as its ingredients, and that includes ice! Elevate single-spirit pours and spirit-forward cocktails with Vault Ice, a uniquely top-shelf ingredient. This crisp, clear ice comes vacuum-sealed, so it won’t add any unwanted odors or flavors to the mix like bar ice or ice from a mold. And since our dense ice is frozen slowly from pristine water, it also melts more slowly, chilling your drinks without diluting them. It’s simple: When guests are blown away by their cocktail, they’re more likely to order another — and keep coming back!

A person pouring a drink into a glass with a Vault Ice Sphere in it
A person pouring a drink into a glass with a Vault Ice Sphere in it

Solidify Your Identity

Every craft cocktail is a work of art. Make your patrons feel special and sophisticated with Vault Ice, an elite ingredient and intriguing marketing tool that will leave a lasting impression in their minds long after they’ve taken their last sip. With Vault Ice, you can create strikingly beautiful drinks your guests can’t help but photograph and post on their social media, drawing in more business in the process! And it goes beyond aesthetics — your cocktails will taste as spectacular as they look.