We’re Not Like the Other Ice

Our beef with most ice?

It absorbs odors and flavors, sticks together and is susceptible to freezer burn whether that’s due to inferior packaging or its molds. That’s why we vacuum-seal all Vault Ice products. Because an old-fashioned shouldn’t smell or taste like old… well, you get it. 

Production Process

All Vault Ice Cubes, Spheres and Pillars are crafted from slabs of crystal-clear ice, vacuum-sealed in sleeves and tightly packed in special boxes that:

  • Ensure the integrity of the ice
  • Prevent chipping, cracking and frosting
  • Reduce the chance of melting

We ship the ice to your distributor, who ships it to you on freezer trucks. This process ensures you receive your Vault Ice in pristine condition.

A stack of Vault Ice boxes.

Distribution Channels

Did you know you can order Vault Ice from your regular foodservice distributor? We currently distribute in 26 states, serve customers in 9 more states, and we’re constantly expanding into new markets.

Map of the United states showing where Vault Ice can be distributed.

If you don’t see a distributor in your state, or your distributor isn’t currently stocking Vault Ice, let us know and we’ll work on it!


You’ll receive your Vault Ice when you need it — and always in pristine condition! Your foodservice distributor will conveniently deliver your ice on a freezer truck to your back door according to your regular delivery schedule.