Elegance in Many Shapes and Sizes

Explore our repertoire of craft cocktail ice and related products below!

Vault Ice Cube


Vault Ice Cubes are the ideal way to chill scotch, bourbon, whiskey, tequila or any other spirit without watering it down. These eye-catching Cubes shine in spirit-forward cocktails like the old-fashioned, negroni or Sazerac and come in multiple sizes to fit various types of glasses:

  • 2.0” standard Cubes
  • 1.75” rectangular Cubes (for tapered and smaller, lowball glasses)
  • 2.5” rectangular Cubes (for large whiskey and double rocks glasses.
Vault Ice Sphere


The Vault Ice Sphere is the Cube’s stylish cousin. These aesthetically pleasing, 2.3” balls of crystal-clear ice have a low dilution rate, so they’re great for a cocktail where the spirit is the star of the show. Its shape is as versatile as it is unique and can fit:

  • Tapered, rocks and lowball glasses
  • Spherically shaped whiskey glasses
  • Martini glasses and coupes
Vault Ice Collins Pillar

Collins Pillar

The Collins Pillar is a beautifully slender piece of crystal-clear Vault Ice and the perfect companion for a spirit-forward cocktail like the Tom Collins, gin and tonic, paloma, or Scotch/whiskey and soda. This shape is a great fit for:

  • Collins glasses
  • Highball glasses


Vault Ice Cubes stand out on their own — but if you really want to make a statement at your bar or a special event, customize your craft cocktail ice with your logo, initials or another small design! Our engraved ice comes in two sizes:

  • 2” Cubes
  • 2.5” Cubes


Can’t get enough of Vault Ice? In addition to our craft cocktail ice, we also sell:

Customizable Ice Stamps

A custom stamp for Vault Ice Cubes and/or Spheres can help you create a memorable social media moment for your patrons. Did you ever imagine your ice could do the advertising for you?!

Back Bar Freezers

Thanks to its small footprint, this freezer is great to use at the bar. It also makes it easy to store and use your Vault Ice for finely crafted cocktails and spirit pours. It also means no more long walks to the freezer for ice!

Vault Ice for the Home

Vault Ice Cubes and Spheres aren’t just for the pros. You can also order them for your home bar. Talk about a way to impress your friends (and/or frenemies!) at your next dinner party, holiday gathering or random get-together. They’re also great for an after-work cocktail or nightcap around the campfire, so … treat yourself!

*Collins Pillars are not available for home orders at this time. Stay tuned!