STORING: Store ice at 0°F - 20°F. Lower temps create brittle ice & it will take longer to temper. Tempering allows the ice to warm-up before use which prevents cracking when liquid touches the ice.

TEMPERING: Temper ice in a refrigerator, ice well or in open air until it becomes clear & wet. Temper time varies based on the storage temp & where ice is tempered. Serve when ice is clear or store in an ice well, ice bucket or refrigerator for use within an hour or so.

HANDLING: Handle the ice with heavy duty serrated ice tongs. Separate frozen together cubes by inserting an ice pick or knife between the joints.

SERVING: Pour the beverage over the ice rather than dropping the cube into a full glass. Fill glass to the level of ice to chill the beverage with maximum efficiency & minimal dilution.

REFREEZING: Tempered ice may be refrozen for future use then re-tempered as needed. Keep ice separated to prevent ice from re-freezing together.

ENGRAVED & STAMPED ICE: If using engraved ice, place the engraved side down rather than facing up. If stamping the ice, pour the drink around the side of the ice rather than over the stamped impression.